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We believe leaders and their employees will perform to their highest ability when they get to spend their time on what they are meant to do, instead of attending poorly run meetings, benefitting in higher work satisfaction, less stress, and increased productivity.



Allow the participants to engage with the agenda and let the intelegent time allocation do it’s magic to make sure the most important topics will get the most time based on the attendees vote.

The SMART MEETING ASSISTANT is a way to host environmentally friendly meetings by minimizing the use of paper by having all documents and communication in the app.

By hosting your meetings on the SMART MEETING ASSISTANT, you also contribute to the environment by planting trees around the world when you reach specific goals within the app.

The SMART MEETING ASSISTANT will generate detailed reports for every meeting you host, which will help you make future meetings even more efficient as you tweak them to create even more value.

Let meeting participants give feedback on your agenda and let them vote on topics to decide which items are most relevant to cover.

Based on data from previous meetings, the SMART MEETING ASSISTANT will suggest/predict “best practices” for when to schedule certain meeting types at certian times and days.

As an example it could be that design meetings should be held on Mondays at 10.30 am, because that’s when most previous participants have had the best experience and have rated the meetings as being most productive, efficient and engaging.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) the SMART MEETING ASSISTANT will help you create efficient and productive meetings so you don’t need to figure everything out everytime you set up a meeting.

To help you host high quality meetings the SMART MEETING ASSISTANT will track the meetings you host through the feedback you recieve from attendees on topics, the meeting in generel, time management, etc.


As the host of the meeting you’ll also be the one to ensure that the meeting stays on track and the time is kept with help from the progressive timer.

For every meeting you’ll also assign a secretary who will be able to take meeting notes directly in the app, which the app then, at the end of the meeting, will assemble into meeting minutes automatically including votes, assigned tasks, etc.

When you create a topic for a meeting you have the option to include a discussion and/or a vote to your topic.

If you want to have a discussion on a certain topic the SMART MEETING ASSISTANT will give each attendee a predefined one minute to give feedback or a costumized amount of time which you decide, but remember the time will be taken from the topic itself.

Another engagement feature within the app is the voting option. Whenever you need to make a decision on a topic you can use the in-app votation and the result will be added directly to the meeting minutes.

If it’s necessary, you can assign decided upon tasks to attendees directly in the app, which automatically will be included in the meting minutes.

Use the predefined agendas or create your own in 3 simple steps and you’ll be all set to send the meeting invitation and agenda to the attendees.

Get access to standard meeting templates based on the type of meeting you’re hosting, like marketing, finance, design, etc or create your own fully costumized templates.

At the end of each meeting, the notes taken by the assigned secretary will be turned into the meeting minutes and sent direcly to all attendees as soon as the meeting has been concluded.

To help you host better meetings, attendees will be asked to rate and give their feedback at the end of each meeting. This will help ensure high-quality meetings moving forward.


Stop wasting time during your meetings with help from the progressive timer that keeps you on track showing the allocated time on every topic and agenda during the entire meeting.

The meeting minutes will generate automatically from the notes taken in the app by the assigned secretary, as well as the other activities during the meeting, like voting results, tasks assigned, etc. and sent to all participants at the end of the session.

With help from AI you’ll get access to the best and most efficiant agendas based on different cultures, so if you have a meeting in Asia you’ll get a suggested agenda based on the Asian meeting culture, or if you host a meeting in South America you get an agenda based on their culture.

Based on collected data and machine learning, the SMART MEETING ASSISTANT will provide you with the best suggested meeting times and types.

Hook your in-house catering up to the SMART MEETING ASSISTANT and let them know what you need to host a great meeting.

Book your meeting room from directly within the SMART MEETING ASSISTANT and make sure all the probs you need will be in place for your meeting.

We help companies and their employees create an engaging meeting culture designed to eliminate time-wasting meetings, optimize workplace engagement, satisfaction, and productivity so that companies will see an increase in their revenue.

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