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Create a Definite Plan for Carrying Out Your Goals

By Niels Reib,
Co-Founder of Masterminds Denmark

This post builds on the exercises we shared in the post ‘Keep Your Mind Fixed on What You Want in Life.’

If you haven’t finished that action step, then check it out before diving into this post, because now we’re going to build on that last exercise, which was to make a list of everything you desire to have and want to achieve your life.

Grab and download the exercise here.

Now it’s time to connect the 7 desires you connect most with, to have in your life, and create a definite plan for achieving those.

Napoleon Hill Quotes 27 MastermindsDenmark

What Would Help You Reach Your Goals?

A first step could be to take inventory of your skillset. If improving in certain areas could help your progress towards your goals, then work on improving those skills that will help you get to where you want to go.

Who Would Be Able to Help You Reach Your Goals?

Do you need help to fulfill your goals? If so, then seek out people who have already achieved the things you want to achieve or find people who will support and keep you accountable to the goals you’ve set.

What’s the First Step You Can Take Towards Anyone off Your Goals?

This doesn’t have to be a huge step; all you need to do is to figure out which step you can take at this time that will bring you a bit closer to your desired outcome.

Set a Goalline for When You Want to Achieve Your Goals

“A goal is a dream with a deadline” – Napoleon Hill

Setting a goalline for your desired goals will set them apart from just being dreams. Make a note by when you desire to achieve your goals.

Plan, Prioritized, and Commit

If you’re going to reach your goals, you need to be intentional about it. Block out time in your calendar to work towards your goals and stick to it. Don’t let other less important things get in the way of you moving forward and reaching the goals that will enhance your opportunities.

Do a Weekly Review of Your Progress

Spend time once a week to review your progress towards your goals. Reflect on how the past week’s work was and adjust if necessary for the coming week’s goal schedule.

Grab the Free Worksheet and get an additional strategy that will help you tackle obstacles that can come in the way of you reaching your goals.

Take Action Today

Your action step:

Make a solid plan for reaching your goals!

Make it a great day!

Do you want to have accountability and support to help reach your goals?

Being part of a mastermind group will give you that and much more, then head on over and find out more about the benefits of being a member of a mastermind group and how you can apply and become a member of either an entrepreneurialcareer professionals, or personal development mastermind group.

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Becoming a member of Masterminds Denmark will not only make you a part of one of our mastermind groups, but it will also give you access to our private community and groups where you can interact with all our members on topics like leadership, personal development, communication, marketing, and many more.

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