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How Reading Books Enriched My Life and Why It Could Do The Same For Your

By Niels Reib,
Co-Founder of Masterminds Denmark

Reading books was something I never used to do. If I read a book a year, then it was something special.

Honestly, I might just have read more like 1/4 of a book a year for most of my adult life. The excuses lined up for not picking up a book, and the most prominent ones would be I got tired when I read, and I’m not a fast reader, so that kept me from picking up any kinds of books.

But then a few years ago, that changed, and it has enriched my life with limitless knowledge and wisdom from some of our time most influential thinkers.

Today, I regret not having picked up my interest in reading earlier on. If you can relate to not having made it a habit to read books, then keep reading, and I’ll share how I went from reading less than a book a year to 15.

How I Went From Reading 1 Book A Year To 15

Five or six years ago, I listened to the Podcast ‘This is Your Life’ with Michael Hyatt, Michael talked about how books had affected his life, and that was the first time I began to see the real value and impact reading books could have.

Ever since I began to follow influencers like Michael Hyatt, Bob Burg, Lewis Howes, and Brendon Burchard (to name a few), I started realizing how books had influenced them and how the knowledge they gained from reading helped shape their lives and successes, and if I wanted a piece of that cake then I thought I’d better start picking up a book or two to level up my game, if I wanted to achieve the things I wanted in life.

Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers
– Harry S. Truman

So, a couple of years ago, I decided to read a book a month, which would put me at 12 books in a year, which would be a considerable improvement from reading less than a book a year.

Well, I didn’t make it to 12 that year, but I did read ten books, and that was still a significant improvement from the year prior. It encouraged me to up my game a bit, so the next year, I scaled my goal up to 15 books, and guess what? That year, I made my goal and read 15 books!

How I Made The Improvement

First of all, it takes some work getting into the habit of reading if you’re not used to it. It’s like with any other change you want to make, just like if you start lifting weights, it’ll take time for you reading muscle to get stronger and adapt to the new strain you’re putting on it, but it’s worth it.

As I mentioned, I’m not a fast reader, so it takes me some time to get through a book, but the cool thing is that I felt an improvement in not only my “fast reading skills” but also in my ability to concentrate and I wasn’t getting as tired as I used to when reading improved.

Have A List Of Books Ready And Prioritize Reading Time

Today, I have a list of books I have sitting on my bookshelf on my phone, that way I always have them top of mind and when I finish a book I’ll just take a look at my list and pick the next one that speaks to me at that time and start reading that one.

Checking a book of my list also helps me track my goal and, as you know, there’s just that satisfaction of ticking things off a list🙅🏼‍♂️

Another thing I’ve tried to implement is putting reading on my calendar by making it part of both my morning and evening routine.

The benefit of starting my day with reading stimulates my mind and I’ve actually come to find reading in the morning also makes me more productive during the day. Reading before I go to be is a great way to unwind and relax before I go to sleep.

Your reading routines might look different, but I urge you to prioritize time in your calendar for reading. If you do, then I’m sure you’ll find worth your time. There is a reason why people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and many other highly successful people read up to 150 a year, which is way out of my range…

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A Great Way To Stay Relevant In A Competitive Market!

Reading has made me realize that there is so much great knowledge is out there to pick up from experts in all kinds of areas.

Find books you can read by industry leaders and influencers that will help you stay up to date on what goes on within your field or read leadership books that can give you an edge every day working with your colleagues.

You see, you don’t have to be a leader to lead, just observing how your colleagues or management do things and taking what you read into consideration can give you valuable insights into how to interact with different types of colleagues and leadership styles.

The person who stops studying merely because he has finished school is forever hopelessly doomed to mediocrity, no matter what may be his calling. The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.
– Napoleon Hill


Even though the words of Napoleon Hill was written back in 1937, they’re still as relevant today as they were back then, if not more.

The moment you stop educating yourself you settle for less in your life and career. Your self-education should be an ongoing process and reading is a great way to do just that.

I regret not having implemented a reading habit earlier in life, but I haven’t made that stop me from doing it now. I know there still is room for improvement and reading even more books, but then again, I’m just happy for all the knowledge I do get from the books I do get to read and that enriches my life by giving me new perspectives on different matters that interest me.

Below you can find our top recommended books including each of our top 3 books that have made the biggest impact on Taregh and I.

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