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The Kick-off workshop retreat will be in August or September, and the group will start their monthly meetings after that.

Setting the Course for a Successful Mastermind Year

By Niels Reib,
Co-Founder of Masterminds Denmark

At Masterminds Denmark, we believe the best way to set oneself up for success is first to find out where you want to go, and why you want to go there. That’s why we kick off every mastermind group we create with a 2-day workshop retreat designed not only to help create clarity for each member of the group but also the group as a whole.

During the 2-day workshop, we guide members through several exercises that will set the course for a successful mastermind experience making sure all members are set to gain the most and accelerate their growth, with the help from each other.

Here you’ll get some insights into some of what we cover on our 2-day kick-off workshop.

Begin With The End In Mind

After the group has made an introductory round over a nice lunch, the workshop kicks off with a few reflection exercises made to open up for the deeper meaning of why you want to achieve the things you want. Knowing WHY you want to accomplish the things you what you do, is crucial when faced with the obstacles you come across on the way to reaching your ultimate goal, and that’s why we want to begin with the end in mind to help members get clarity on their purpose and why.

The goals we want you to reach are goals that will stretch you, develop you, and make you grow.

A Personal Mission Statement

Next, we have each of the group members create a mission statement, which will serve as a guide to help them stay on track towards their end goals.

Having a mission statement will help you in many ways when you set out to reach your goals. Putting into words the impact accomplishing your goals will have on your life, business, or career will, without a doubt, give you the fuel you need to overcome whatever obstacles you’ll undoubtedly run in to on your way.

The mission statement will serve as your GPS steering you back on track when you get on a detour.


As a member of a successful mastermind group, you need to commit to the group, which means showing up and preparing for the meetings.

If just one member of a group doesn’t show the necessary commitment, then it will reflect on the rest of the group. That’s why every member must enter a mastermind group committed to helping and supporting the others during the year.

Commitment from the members is vital for any mastermind group; it determines the success or failure of the group.


I don’t know about you, but saying you’re going to do something to someone you don’t know as well as your best friend, sometimes has a significant impact on us actually doing what we say we’ll do.

If you have a lot of goals but don’t execute on one them like you want to, then one of the most significant assets of being part of a successful mastermind group really comes into play big time here. Because, when you tell your fellow mastermind group members you’re going to take action on something, then you don’t want to be the only one at the next meeting, not having made any progress towards your goals.

For this reason only, being a member of a mastermind group can help accelerate your progress.

Having goals that stretch your limits is excellent! But if you don’t execute on your goals, then they are nothing more than dreams.


The accountability you get from the group is what will drive you towards your most desired goals.

The help and support you get from being part of a mastermind group will help you execute on your goals. Your fellow group members will freely share from their experiences and resources to help you succeed, just like it’s expected from you to do the same.


Getting valuable feedback on your projects and how to accomplish your goals will help speed up your process of reaching the outcomes you desire.

At Masterminds Denmark, we want you to have high-quality meetings, and that’s why we have created a framework set up to help members prepare feedback on the requests from the other group members ahead of each session so that everyone can deliver quality feedback to each other at every meeting.


If you want to be part of a successful mastermind group, then you need to be prepared and willing to share freely from your experiences during the time you spend with the group.

You need to be clear about your goals and what you want the group to help you do, and then willing to work hard to achieve your goals. No one will do the work for you, but you will have a team of mentors cheering you on during the year as you go for gold!

If you want to know more about becoming a member of one of our Mastermind groups, then feel free to get on a call with us or visit one of the dedicated pages which suit your needs best: Entrepreneur, Career Development, or Personal Development.

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